Language Conversation Groups

An important part of EuroClub activities, our regular monthly conversation evenings bring together enthusiastic speakers of the major European languages. We cover French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Groups meet in members’ homes, so we can relax and chat informally, but under the guidance of a coordinator. Typically, we will read, translate and discuss topical foreign-language articles from magazines or books; recall members’ visits, holidays and experiences in Europe and explore the group’s shared interests to broaden the range of topics.

We take everyone’s proficiency level into account making sure all can join in the conversation, so you can look forward to a friendly evening with light refreshments, often with a European flavour.

Each language group meets on a different day of the month so members can join more than one.

Covid restrictions have prevented us from holding live meetings but some of the coordinators have recently held conversation evenings in their homes for a group of six people. We plan to continue this for the foreseeable future.