Walks and Cycle Rides.

Between March and October, there are regular monthly pub and tea shop walks of approximately 5 – 6 miles in length.  The pub walks on Saturday morning and tea shop walks on Sunday afternoon alternate each month and finish with lunch in a pub or tea/coffee and cake in a tea shop. Wherever possible, routes are ‘pre-walked’ by the Group Co-ordinator to make sure they are generally suitable for all participants, avoiding steep gradients and difficult or frequently waterlogged ground.

Our cycle rides are held about 2 – 4 times a year, often in the New Forest and usually include lunch in a pub. It is a great way to get together, learn new routes and enjoy a bike ride at a level that suits the social rider. Our intrepid cycle ride organiser will welcome anyone with a bike on our easy cycle rides.

Walking and cycling are not without risk; members and guests must accept the terms of this activity disclaimer, in the general Terms and Conditions.